John Michaelson

Hey ya’ll. The Eagle blog started out being just my online journal of stories we like to talk about on the air, and many of the older stories come from my personal blog, as far back as 2005. And then, after pinging back stories from other WordPress members, we began getting followers. We also began getting followers when I began posting an occasional story on my Facebook page. I passed over the majority of the administration to Kate Gilmour.

I’m currently living in Church Hill, Tennessee. The kids are grown and our lives are pretty much spent figuring out what to do next. We watch a lot of NatGeo stuff, listen to The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, Warren Zevon.

I also make Indie films, music videos and even record solo albums. I am the former drummer of two bands you wouldn’t know, session drummer for local artists you wouldn’t know, worked radio in East Tennessee since 1997 and even did a short stint running a Karaoke service for nightclubs and restaurants. But that was no fun.

All right. There’s me and I’m glad you came by.