Naked Woman Stops Traffic To Masturbate In Front Of A Car

It must be the heat down there in Florida. Seriously! We’re from Florida and we know, from first hand experience how loopy that heat can make you. And on that note, mental illness is not funny, or something to poke fun at. But…


A nude Florida woman who cops say was on “heavy” drugs Sunday night allegedly stopped traffic to masturbate in front of a couple’s car, then climbed onto the hood.

Amie Carter, 31, then allegedly stomped on the car and threw a cell phone at the vehicle behind it, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Police reportedly found her in an intersection of Fairview Shores, on the outskirts of Orlando, at about 11:15 p.m., walking through the street with no clothes on, the New York Daily News reports. She appeared to be “under the influence of a heavy unknown substance” and “in an altered mental state,” according to a police report.


Carter allegedly put up a fight and kicked her legs in the air when she was arrested, but she was eventually hauled off to a hospital and charged with criminal mischief and exposing her sexual organs. Cops then transferred her to Orange County Jail.

She caused $1,500 in damage to the Lexus that she stomped on, according to WKMG.