The Nu Project’s Nude Photos Tell The Truth About Women’s Bodies, Part V & VI

In the past I have posted photo galleries of real female bodies in the Nu Project’s 4-part spread. And just recently I have added a new gallery called “The Body Beautiful” and it deals with mothers exposing their bodies with no manipulation of the photos.

Women today have a hard time feeling at ease with their bodies due to the forever endless airbrushed and photoshopped world of models that dominate the public forum of female nudity.

What I love about these women, in these photo galleries, are the courage they have to open themselves to the world in all of their truest form. All of their inhibitions and insecurities go away when they receive the positive feedback from millions of women.

So now I have decided to continue my photo gallery of these women due to the popularity of the past galleries posted here. I have obtained the remainder of the photos in this series, which now had added over 150 more to post. And every so often I will post 30 photos until my entire collection has been posted.

NOTE: This collection is a combination of two galleries, totaling 58 photos.

So now, without further ado, I proudly display these photos of women with more courage I have, and with bodies far from the airbrushed hottie-chick look that society is telling little girls how they need to have in order to be attractive.



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