God Tells Family To Walk Naked Down The Street — And They Did!

Photo NOT of family mentioned in article

Photo NOT of family mentioned in article

The Almighty is such a kidder.

A North Carolina family spotted walking down the street in the buff claimed “the Lord told them to get naked and walk down the street,” police in Charlotte-Mecklenburg told the Charlotte Observer.

The nude crew that took the street on Saturday included a woman in her 20s and her mother, who was in her 40s. The younger woman was carrying her baby, and her toddler-aged child was walking with them.

Police stopped the family, which is when they say the adults told them they were just following God’s instructions.

The adults were mentally and physically evaluated, but “it didn’t appear that they had any problems short of that they didn’t have any clothes on,” police told the Observer.

Nevertheless, cops contacted social services.

Publicly naked individuals aren’t exactly known for making logical comments to the cops. In March, Florida man Quanta’e Powell allegedly jumped onto the hood of a police cruiser naked, and when authorities tried to talk to him, “he would only state he loved cocaine and needed more cocaine.”

In April, University of Florida student Michael Silecchia allegedly stripped naked and asked police to chop his penis off.