Arrested For Baring Buttocks And Attacking Ex-Boyfriend With Papayas

Sorry Folks. I went on vacation last minute — one of those, either go on vacation or lose your vacation time. So I headed back home, down to Florida (for less than a week) and got my hedonistic side out so I can get back to work — my hedonistic side, meaning staying up past my bedtime watching steamy movies.

So I’m back to the grind of making other people rich and stable and went through my mess of catching up stuff, when I came across a bunch of meaningless stories — and this is the first of them.

Today’s odd news session, although not exciting or real riveting, does start out with a girl, a bare ass and exotic fruit.

Susanne Wasden long

Suzanne Wasden, 49, was due in court Tuesday morning to respond to allegations that she pummeled an ex-boyfriend with papayas on March 10 and exposed her bottom to him along with a 16-year-old male.

When Vero Beach police responded to a disturbance that day, they said they were met by a “very intoxicated” Wasden, whose pants were partially down and whose derriere was partially exposed, reported.

According to a police affidavit, Wasden said the ex-boyfriend came to her home “looking for birthday sex.”

Wasden’s 16-year-old neighbor said that Wasden had come to his trailer earlier in the evening “wanting a cigarette and beer,” and started screaming when he didn’t oblige. She then allegedly began hitting the boyfriend, pushed him into some glass and started throwing papayas at both of them, reported.

After that, Wasden allegedly turned around and lowered her jeans below her heiney and said, “Kiss my butt,” ABC Action News reported.

The teen told ABC he could see “everything” and “that was something that none of us wanted to see.” the affidavit states.

Wasden was arrested on a disorderly intoxication charge and was due in court Tuesday morning.