Today’s Smartass Jerk Is Christopher Robinson

Every once in a while I will see a story of a person who is my immediate smartass punk of the day.



Meet Christopher Robinson. Mr. Robinson is living large and showing off to his homies.

Mr. Robinson is a smartass jerk who posted on his Facebook page all of his cool money he likes to show off to people. How cool is he?

Robinson may have to pick that money off the floor and give it to his ex after cops used his Facebook photos of him posing with cash to bust him for allegedly failing to pay child support.

ABC News reports that the Milwaukee man is charged with three felony counts of failure to support his 3-year-old child, after he allegedly didn’t make a single monthly child support payment for three years. He was supposed to pony up $150 a month.

“What we do in these types of cases is we try to find out from other family members whether there is other information we may not be able to know about,” Milwaukee County Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern told

Lovern told WDJT his office often uses Facebook to build cases against suspected child support scofflaws.



“It’s a great investigative tool for us because it gives us a glimpse into their real lives that our targets may be living,” Lovern said.

The Stir’s Nicole Fabian-Weber tries to understand what would posses someone to post photos of themselves with money when they are delinquent on child support payments. She comes to the conclusion that it has something to do with the constant need for attention that Facebook engenders and feeds:

It’s awfully easy to get caught these days, thanks to Facebook. People want to be seen! They want to be heard! And clearly, that’s predominantly what’s on their minds. I mean, bailing out on three years of child support, then uploading a photo of cash. That’s just dumb. And that, my Friends, is being drunk on Facebook.

ABC News reports that Robinson was served with an arrest warrant in February, but since he failed to appear, the warrant is still active.

NOTE: Good thing he has all of that money. Because now he can support himself on the run.



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