Man Arrested After Fighting WIth Girlfriend Over Scratching Balls

Itchy balls brawls are just plain nuts.


Ronald Howard Jr., and his girlfriend Shalamar Petrarca, got into a feud about Ronald scratching his testicles while sitting on the couch of their Bradenton home on Monday.

Shalamar allegedly had told Howard, her boyfriend, to stop the “rude and disgusting” behavior as she was about to eat dinner, according to an arrest affidavit from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

At that point, Shalamar told the deputy that Ronald got up from the couch and “started to get in her face,” yelling at her to “stop judging him,” the affidavit stated.

She also told the deputy Howard then pushed her into the kitchen which caused her to fall to the ground and scrape her ankle before grabbing her and throwing her outside while telling her to “get the hell out,” according to the arrest report.

ball scratching

Ron told the deputy the feud started when Shalamar punched him in the eye for “scratching his balls” while sitting on the couch.  He claimed he pushed her out of the door as a matter of self defense.

The deputy determined the balls were in Shalamar’s court as Ronald didn’t have any visible injuries but Shalamar had a scratch on her leg which was consistent with her account the incident.

Howard, 30, was charged with Simple Battery.