Arrested For DWI, Tries To Escape In Toy Truck and No Pants

Every once in a while, you just got to post an outrageous headline to pump a little blood into the system. This one makes you cock your head to the side and re-read some of these sentences twice (or a third time if twice wasn’t enough)

Meet Jamie Craft.


Jamie is 28 years-old and from Jonesboro, Arkansas. Jamie is being accused of plowing her 2001 Grand Am into a mobile home on Sunday night.

So the cops get there and an excited Jamie decides to make her getaway — in a little boy’s Power Wheels truck … without pants.


When the child’s father made her get out of the little truck, she walked to her mom’s house, where police allegedly found her irate, intoxicated, and disorderly. 

Authorities say Craft blew a .217 in a blood alcohol content breathalyzer test — more than three times the legal limit, according to the KAIT website.

Craft faces charges of DWI and leaving the scene of the accident, multiple sites report.

I imagine she could have been charged with Grand Theft Auto, if the Power Wheel was worth over a certain amount.

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