Woman Goes On Naked, Bloody Rampage At ‘The Rage’ Salon

I try to keep my naked rampages in the privacy of my home — and without bloodshed. But as nutty as some of the naked criminals have been in the past, this woman has gotten us to think that going on a naked rampage is a new fad among the oddball people out there. Kind of like the naked man who was hit with a car, driven by his naked fiance.

Jelena Monique Taylor

Jelena Monique Taylor, 44, allegedly broke into Rage Salon in Corvallis, Oreg. early Tuesday morning and went on a rampage, according to KMTR.

Police say Taylor punched out the glass pane in the front door, then reached in to unlock it, but in the process cut herself on the glass. When officers responded to the burglar alarm, they saw blood splattered throughout the salon, covering furniture, walls and equipment. Various pieces of salon equipment had also been smashed and broken.

Taylor was allegedly found naked, hiding in a closet. Lt. Ben Harvey of the Corvallis Police Department told the Corvallis Gazette-Times that it was “apparent” the woman was high on meth.

“I think, she kind of, in her madness, started flailing around and splattered blood everywhere,” salon owner Kayley Kampfer told KVAL. “It looked like to me, she started in the hallway and started grabbing everything she could, started throwing things and there were broken vases, and a broken dryer. … The toilet, the shower, everything was covered in blood. It looked like a murder scene.”

The alarm panel had been torn from the wall and hidden under a blanket.

Kampfer told KMTR that Taylor was a former client. “I just had this epiphany that her life is in a bad spot … I would just like to see [Taylor] get some help,” said the salon owner, who estimates the total damage at about $5,000.

Taylor was charged with second-degree criminal mischief and second-degree burglary.