Pizza Robber’s Sob Story Got Him Free Pizza and Wings

Like in an unbelievable movie scene, that most people wouldn’t buy, a Papa John robber got a free pizza after breaking down.

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HELENA, Mont. — A Montana man whose tearful reluctance to rob a pizza restaurant earned him free food apparently made up the sob story that gained him the clerk’s sympathy.

Papa John's Pizza

Papa John’s Pizza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Police in Helena say 33-year-old David Randall Lacey entered a Papa John’s pizza restaurant on Jan. 22 and demanded money. He then broke down crying and told the clerk he needed the money to support his wife and children. The clerk made him a pizza and some chicken wings as he waited, and then took off.

The Independent Record reports an investigation found Lacey has no children in town and changed his story when he saw how little money was in the cash register.

He was arrested Thursday on suspicion of felony robbery.


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