Man Impersonating Cop Pulls Over Cop

When I was a teenager I impersonated Madonna at a talent show and in my bedroom. But this guy has a bit over the top.


Tony Newsom used a smartphone app to impersonate a Memphis, Tennessee police officer, and pulled over a car driven by a real police officer who was off-duty and in uniform. Reportedly Newsom was driving a black SUV on Elvis Presley Boulevard and flashed red and blue strobe lights in the center of the windshield using the app’s “police lights” function.

The real Memphis Police Department (MPD) officer he pulled over, approached Newsom’s car to tell him that he was an officer and saw the imposter hiding his phone. Backup MPD officers were called and they noticed “Shelby County Officer” stickers on the car, along with a Memphis Police Department patch on the dashboard, a Smith & Wesson gun box with an empty holster, 17-9mm rounds, a receipt for handcuffs, and a sex toy.

Newsome posted a $250 bond after he was charged with criminal impersonation, illegal use of flashing blue light on motor vehicle, improper display of registration, and violation of the light law.