Unbelievable! 22-Year-Old Cigarette Shoplifting Warrant Sends Woman To Jail In Florida


Robin Hall is in jail on a 22 year old warrant surrounding her shoplifting a pack of cigarettes

In an absolutely ridiculous move to catch criminals, this could just ruin this woman’s life and career. This is so wrong in many ways.

Police in Florida searching for a cruise ship for suspected terrorists instead arrested a woman on a 22-year-old warrant for shoplifting, WFTV reports.

Robin Hall, 41, was greeted by Brevard County Sheriff’s deputies Thursday as she exited the Disney Dream cruise ship in Port Canaveral. Police say the Connecticut woman — who was vacationing with her husband and two children — failed to pay the $85 in court fees on proceedings surrounding her shoplifting a pack of cigarettes from a Wal-Mart back in 1991.

“I take full responsibility for what I did but I do not believe I deserve this,” said Hall, who was 18 years old at the time, according to NBC Connecticut.

Police discovered Hall’s outstanding warrant when they probed the cruise ship’s passenger list for potential terrorists.

Since her first brush with the law, Hall earned a degree in architecture. She lives in Connecticut where she helps design jet engines for the aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney.

Hall has been in jail since her arrest. Brevard County authorities refuse to accept bail because the shoplifting incident took place in Orange County, meaning Hall must be transferred. Due to the holiday weekend, that may not happen until Thursday, WESH explains.

The Brevard County Sheriff lists Hall’s charges as an out-of-county warrant.