Woman Charged With Attempted Assault With Sausage

Women are fighting back and using any means necessary to ward off their attacker. Some women find their breasts as awesome weapons (for which God did not bless me with, so I’m out of luck there). And now there is sausage (for which might be more effective in my case.


A woman in southern Sweden has been charged with attempted assault after allegedly attacking a man with Swedish sausage, Swedish media report.

According to the Local, the unidentified woman threw a frying pan filled with Falukorv — a specific type of Swedish sausage — and grease at the man during an argument in their house.

The frying pan missed the 67-year-old man, but its contents did not. Though he was unharmed in the incident that occurred in November, he is pursuing charges against the woman for the alleged Swedish sausage attack and death threats she reportedly made during the squabble.

Perhaps surprisingly, this is not the first time sausage has reportedly been used as a weapon of choice.

In June, a Massachusetts cyclist was enjoying his Sunday morning bike ride when another man, identified as Michael Baker, allegedly began striking him with sausage links. The year before, 31-year-old Tajuana Banks reportedly used a German bratwurst to pick a fight.

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