‘What Gay Guys Think About Vaginas’ (VIDEO)


At our main offices, despite having a million different departments, we have a small crew of only 25 people. And of those 25 people, 5 of them are my employees. And of those 5 people, 2 of them are gay. We talk all the time and I’ve learned more about the gay life here than I have anywhere.

But there are a few things I did not know. And this video is was one of those things  — and I have to say, I am quite embarrassed to know what gay guys think of our kitties. And now, we will all never look at each other the same way again.

“It’s like…umm…this thing…yeah…”

That’s pretty much how this hilarious video goes when a group of gay guys are asked about their thoughts on the ever-so-foreign female reproductive organ (dum dum dum!): the vagina.

Despite most of their confusion, all of them inevitably come to the same conclusion.

So, yes. Thank you, vaginas.