Teen Gets Busted After Posting About Driving Drunk On Facebook

There is a reason why the legal drinking age is 21. And this guy is the main reason why. So don’t ever wonder anymore why they won’t drop the legal age to 18.

Jacob Cox-Brown had a pretty fun night on the town, according to Facebook. He and his friends played the classic children’s game, “Get drunk and hit this guy’s parked car.”


coxbrownThe Huffington Post reported that Jacob Cox-Brown’s morning wasn’t nearly as fun as his evening though, as police officers showed up at his door to charge him for drunk driving and for hitting a dude’s car. How did they know this? Because Brown posted about it on Facebook:

It’s now officially a really bad idea to post about criminal activity on Facebook. Jacob is just one in a string of people to get caught that way. By far the most egregious person to get caught that way was dunder-headed serial killer Lou “Chainsaw” Peters who posted “LOL just tricked a man into my van! Wuuuut! Cut his head off, replaced it W/ A Deers head! 😉


A Facebook post wasn’t enough evidence to charge Jacob Cox-Brown with drunk driving, so instead the cops had to settle for “two counts of failing to perform the duties of a driver.” But, because of the obviously very successfully funny and entertaining Facebook post they also had to begrudgingly charge him with, “eight counts of living up to the duties of a Facebooker.”