10 Oddest Items Found In Anal X-Ray

A former doctor friend of mine gave out a few secrets not commonly known to the standard layman. Well, like for instance, you can survive a tree branch that impaled your skull. Hmm… you’d think not. Umm… let’s see. What else was there? Oh yeah, cell phones don’t belong in your butt!

She has mentioned other items that can sometimes be found in the rectal cavity, and the most commonly found… a vibrator? Nope! Fingernails. Those press-on fake fingernails have been her #1 removal of the rectal cavity – of course followed closely by dildos.

So, without further ado, here are the most stranger 10 things found on a surgeon’s agenda for that day.

Okay, that last one needs a bit of an explanation.

During a kinky sex session, two homosexual men decided to try something new. One man lay down and let the other man pour liquid cement into his anus using a funnel. Yes, really. Naturally, the cement didn’t stay liquid for long, and when it hardened it became a huge mass of cement that had to be surgically removed. (Link)