Farting At Work Reprimand & How To Get Fired

Despite the title of this post, there’s actually some good information about the firing legalities in America. Check it out:

Flatulence_2A Social Security Administration employee was formally reprimanded earlier this month for for excessive workplace flatulence, according to a Dec. 10 letter obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The 38-year-old, who worked out of a Baltimore office, was hit with a five-page letter detailing the dates and times of his noxious offenses. The letter informed the worker that his “uncontrollable flatulence” created an “intolerable” and “hostile” environment for coworkers — many of which had lodged complaints.

(Read the entire letter over at The Smoking Gun)

The letter’s log cited 17 dates, and 60 specific times, that the worker allegedly passed gas. The formal reprimand appears to have been a last resort for management, who they say addressed the embarrassing issue with the worker multiple times. (The employee allegedly submitted no evidence to indicate that he can’t control the problem).


While the federal employee currently only has to deal with an embarrassing letter in his personnel file, there are others who have lost their jobs for less. In July, a receptionist in Minnesota claims she was fired from her job at the hospital’s Cancer Center because she smelled of smoke at work. The receptionist was indeed a regular smoker, but she claims she never smoked while on the job or on break.

Likewise, the grounds for legal dismissal are becoming even more bizarre in some cases. On Dec, 21, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that a dentist acted legally when he fired an assistant he found attractive because he and his wife viewed his attraction to the woman as a threat to their marriage.

The court actually ruled that an employer may fire an employee they see as an “irresistible attraction,” even if the employee has done nothing to encourage attraction, engage in flirtation, or otherwise done anything wrong.



Home Depot fired Judy Henderson in 2010 after she told the company that she would extend her sick leave because of a cancerous tumor. The company agreed to pay $100,000 to Henderson, who had worked at Home Depot since 1997.


Wells Fargo fired Richard Eggers from his job of nearly 7 years in July after discovering that he was caught putting a cardboard cutout of a dime in a laundromat washing machine nearly 50 years ago.


Former Tuesday Morning CEO Kathleen Mason claimed that she was fired from her position after she disclosed to the company’s board that she has cancer. One board member even allegedly made fun of Ms. Mason’s wig. Her charges are being taken to court as she sues her former employers for damages and reinstatement.


Philadelphia Eagles stadium operations worker Dan Leone was fired after he updated his Facebook status criticizing Eagles management for trading Brian Dawkins in 2009, CNET reported. Mr. Leone allegedly posted this:

“Dan is ******* devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver…Dam Eagles are Retarded.”


Stephanie Cannon was fired from her reception job at the Frauenshuh Cancer Center of Park Nicollet Health Services on the grounds that she smelled like smoke at work, KSTP-TV reports. Cannon is a regular, pack-a-day smoker who told the local ABC affiliate that she never brought her habit with her to work.


In 2007, New Zealand resident Vicki Walker was fired from her job for sending emails in bold, red-underlined all-caps fonts, Fox News reports. Walker was later awarded $17,000 for wrongful termination.



Barista Christopher Cristwell was fired by Starbucks after he took his pent-up anger out on Youtube, The Daily Mail reported. Known as “The Starbucks Rant Song,” Mr. Cristwell told his internet viewing audience that cappucino lovers were “the worst of all.” A spokesman for Starbucks stated:

‘While Christopher was expressing his own views in the video, the disparaging remarks about our customers and company are unacceptable and out of line with our commitment to our customers and partners (employees).’


In 2009, a female Dutch McDonald’s employee was fired after she gave a colleague a cheeseburger instead of the cheaper hamburger that had been paid for, The Telegraph reports. A Dutch court ruled that the firing was too severe a punishment and ordered McDonald’s to pay the ex-employee the full salary for what were the remaining five-months on her contract, as well as legal fees.


Ronald Kratz II was fired from his job as a parts sorter after his employer determine that it interfered with his job performance, Fox News reports. Following his dismissal, Katz filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission and lost over 300 pounds.


Russian newsreader Tatyana Limanova was let go after she gave President Obama the finger on live television, The Telegraph reports. Limanova claims that the gesture was just a misunderstanding rather than an insult towards the leader of the free world.

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