12/12/12 Is A Good Day, Say Astrologers


Dec. 21 and Christmas are getting more attention, but, calendarically speaking, Dec. 12, 2012, deserves some notice according to astrologers and numerologists.

The day — better known as 12/12/12 — is one of “energetic significance,” according to numerologist Stephanie Sterling.

She says that when all the numbers in the date are added up one by one — 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 — they equal 11, which is a very powerful number.

“This is a game-changing day. It’s a day of intuition and peace, like we are walking through a door of peace,” she told HuffPost.

As a result, she predicts that an end to the type of divisiveness that was seen during the last campaign and a new era of “problem-solving.”

New York-based astrologer Shelley Ackerman also expects good vibes on Dec. 12, but things could go overboard if you’re not careful.

“It’s going to an upbeat day of luck, expansion and Joy, even though it’s the dark of the moon,” Ackerman told HuffPost. “But do this with caution: Too much optimism could prompt over-reaching and crazy over extension. The energy will be like The Joker in Batman: Something freaky could pop out of a box when you least expect it.”

To be fair, calendars are man-made constructs which is why some people such as Eric Carlson, a physics professor at Wake Forest University and an admitted numerology skeptic, don’t think any meaning can be given to 12/12/12.

“Although repetitive patterns like 12/12/12 are interesting, they have no more special significance than when your car’s odometer hits 121,212 miles,” he told HuffPost.

Ackerman concedes that calendars are manmade constructs and that this date has little significance to people who follow the Jewish or Chinese calendars.

“All calendars are manmade but based on astronomical cycles,” she said. “But, sometimes, there is a resonance and certain numbered days do coincide with celestial events.”

Whether 12/12/12 turns out to be a day of major numerical significance or just another 24-hour period marked on a piece of paper remains to be seen. However, there are plenty of people who are making the day special in their own way, such as Tom Laurin, a San Diego-based technical editor who is getting married to his longtime love, Vivian at noon, PST.

“Viv’s boss is a divorce lawyer and judge and I told her to make it last 12 minutes,” Laurin told HuffPost.

Fittingly, the couple got engaged last year on 11/11/11, but he doesn’t see much cosmic significance other than, say, numerical alliteration. But he does view the wedding as a direct commentary to the Mayan calendar doomsday fears surrounding Dec. 21, 2012.

“Some people think the world’s going to end, but our life is just beginning,” he said.

Many cultures use calendars different than the Gregorian Calendar used in the west, but, even so, Kyle Ruddick is working to make 12/12/12 a day of global significance with a project called “One Day On Earth.”