Dutch to move neighbors into makeshift ‘scum villages’

trailer-trash-tankBad neighbors are on notice in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with plans to move the city’s least desirable inhabitants to a makeshift suburb where they will be taught how to behave. With around 13,000 complaints of antisocial behavior coming from the city’s housing projects each year, the plan would see repeat offenders moved to so-called “scum villages” supervised by social workers and police. The idea is that the threat of living in a trailer or shipping container surrounded by cops will act as a deterrent and also give the well-behaved majority of public housing tenants a break. [Source]

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Furious man pulls gun on neighbor for farting



If only this guy’s fart had been silent but deadly, he probably wouldn’t have found himself in a dangerous situation. A New Jersey man allegedly pulled a gun on his neighbor after hearing the man pass gas in front of his apartment door. Police in Teaneck say Daniel Collins had been having ongoing noise issues with his neighbor, and when the man let one rip, it was the wind that broke the camel’s back. Though Collins denies the charge, police eventually recovered a gun from his car and charged him with aggravated assault. As for the neighbor, well, we’re hoping he changed his shorts.