Another Anti-TSA Argument:TSA Exposes Breasts of Congressman’s Teen Relative

A TSA screener exposed the breasts of the teen grandniece of a member of the House of Representatives, before she boarded a plane at LAX for a trip with her church group. Texas Rep. Ralph Hall’s grandniece was apparently subjected to frontal nudity during the intrusive “pat-down” she received from an airport thug.

Why are Americans tolerating these obvious breaches of the fourth amendment? There is no proof whatsoever that these ridiculous measures are stopping terrorism. They succeed only in humiliating law-abiding Americans who want to get on a plane. Why is it necessary to pat-down bikini models, toddlers, and people with disabilities? Have the people in the federal government lost their minds?

Every week, you hear of an egregious instance of a TSA officer going over the line. Some people are even considering suing, over the ill treatment they’ve received in line at the airport.

Hall’s 17-year-old niece was flying to Australia with her Christian youth organization, when the incident occurred. During a pat-down, her sundress slipped down to her waist, showing the other travelers her breasts. Hall wants the agent to be canned, but the TSA won’t fire the person, because the disrobing was merely “an accident.” Huh? You force a high school kid to take off her clothes in public, and you call it “an accident?” Pathetic!