Our Blog Posts Less BREASTS and NUDITY and Our Numbers Drop

We’ve been posting less sex and nudity for no other reason than to test our viewers numbers. And viola! We have dropped in viewership because of it. (Sorry Ladies that I had to be so crude).

Our biggest viewed story is Vanessa Hudgens nude. The second most popular is about Gypsy Taub (the nude activist who took off her clothes at a court session). A Topfreedom story usually comes in third because of the Natalie Portman photo we posted on the article. And finally the nude shoplifter likes to follow suit (pardon the pun).

So in order to see if Google, Bing and Yahoo can bring our numbers up, we’ve decided to post the words BREASTS and NUDITY on the title, post a nude photo of  women and a pair of breasts and then finally tag the post with nothing but the most sought after words most clicked on the internet.

We will report later our findings.

Men are so much like children sometimes – it’s both cute and disturbing. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, and if we don’t lose our followers to this gratuitous post, we’ll see you again real soon.