Holly Willoughby Named Women with Best Breasts in Britain

And they reported this in Yahoo News. Must have been a slow day at the offices.

London, Nov 14 (ANI)

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British women are happiest with their breasts at the age of 26, and cite Holly Willoughby’s cleavage as the curves they most covet, a new survey has revealed.

The research found women ideally want a D or DD cup – which explains why the shapely ‘This Morning’ presenter, who boasts a 34DD chest, has the country’s most envied breasts.

Half of the nation’s women would gladly pay to have them for themselves, with 20 percent willing to fork out 3,000 pounds to enhance their cleavage, the Daily Mail reported.

The study, carried out by Ultimo Beauty into women’s views on their assets, found women are most happy with their breasts in their mid-twenties, with 38 percent saying that was when they were most satisfied.

A wistful 28 percent of women admitted that they thought theirs were best during their teenage years.

And the research suggests British women rate their boobs most highly when they hit 26 – like Abbey Crouch and actresses Gemma Arterton and Lindsay Lohan.

One in seven (14 percent) claim that they were at their best in their thirties but it would generally seem things start heading south after women hit their late twenties.

Indeed, 35 percent of women said the biggest concern about their chest is sagging boobs.

Cheryl Cole, 29, who says she’s a 32D, came second to 31 year old Willoughby when women were asked whose chest they most wanted.

Meanwhile, one in seven British women (14 percent) said they would be more than happy with breasts like princess Kate Middleton.

When asked about the appeal of her breasts in 2008, Willoughby, now a mum of two, said: “We’re so used to seeing size zero figures that people freak out when they see curves.”

“I’m a 34D/DD and I’d never have a boob job,” she said easlier.

“Good underwear’s the key. I buy firm scaffolding to make sure everything’s secure and safe,” she insisted.

The research found that Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe still has the most iconic cleavage, ahead of former Wonderbra model Eva Herzigova.

Celebrity breasts women in UK desire are:

  • Holly Willoughby – 60 percent
  • Cheryl Cole – 19 percent
  • Kate Middleton – 14 percent
  • Jessica Ennis – 5 percent
  • Kate Moss – 2 percent
  • The most iconic cleavage are:
  • Marylin Monroe – 61 percent
  • Eva Herzigova – 17 percent
  • Kate Winslet – 13 percent
  • Liz Hurley – 8 percent

Celebrities with the worst cleavage are:

  • Katie Price – 45 percent
  • Jodie Marsh – 41 percent
  • Gwyneth Paltrow – 7 percent
  • Kerry Katona – 7 percent (ANI)