Google Trends That Make Us Question Humanity

There once was a world of query minds, questions about the world around us and a lot less child abductions and murders – or so it seemed. Well, the world of murders and questions have become different these days because we now have that thing we all like to use called … umm, what was the name of that again? Oh yeah! The internet!

And with the internet we can now see more answers to the questions we all once had, and some of us never got answered. No need to talk about sex with your children anymore. Nope! Got the internet! No need to collect porn magazines anymore. Nope! Got the internet! No need to wonder where the clit is. Nope! Got the internet!

Along with these hundreds of billions of kazillions of things to find on the internet is a lack of wonder. And an education that college just can’t seem to hold up to. And no excuses anymore. And the murder thing… I know it seems like there’s more murder these days, but really, it’s just an openness to such nasty things that has force-fed the stories down our throats.

And now we get to Google Trends. Google Trends is a really useful tool if you want to learn more about how people use the Internet. It’s also really helpful for figuring out how ridiculous people are. You have to remember that these are collective data – many different people have to search for the same thing in order for it to become a hot trend. How so many people could want to sleep with their sisters, care more about “American Idol” than climate change, or not know who MERYL Streep is, totally confounds us. These screenshots are hilarious proof of how little we know, and how bizarre our queries can really get.

None of the photos have been photoshopped or altered other than markings to point out the item. Enjoy 🙂