Beatles Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Debut Single

On Oct. 5, 1962 Parlophone Records released “Love Me Do” in the U.K.  It started the quick rise to Beatlemania that would hit the U.S. by the next February and within a year the world would be completely crazy with anything and everything Beatles.

And now, 50 years later, on Friday, October 5, The Beatles will celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Love Me Do” Friday with the release of a special limited edition replica of that original 45 RPM vinyl single.

Both former Beatle drummers performed on the song, with Pete Best‘s version never released (until 1995’s Anthology series). However this originally released single was recorded on September 4, 1962, featured Ringo on drums but the more popular version, recorded during the historic marathon sessions on September 11, 1962, actually has session drummer Andy White on skins while Ringo played tambourine.

According to legend, the song was written as far back as 1958 by a 16 year old Paul McCartney for his then girlfriend, Iris Caldwell. John Lennon would assist in the completion of the song and five years later it would be recorded and then released as a single after singing to Parlophone.

It is also said that the recording sessions for the different versions are arguable as to either George Martin or Abbey Road producer Ron Richards producing the final master single. [READ ABOUT THAT HERE]

But there is one thing that is clear. “Love Me Do” opened the door to The Beatles massive worldwide success that still lives on to this day, where they still sell in the millions every year.