Onions on Hamburger Send Oregon Man into ‘McFury’

Maybe he should have ordered a Happy Meal.

Jayme John Leon after his arrest (Multnomah County Courthouse)

The unexpected inclusion of onions on a hamburger sent one Oregon man into what police called a McFury, which could not be alleviated even after he was offered a free replacement burger.

The Oregonian reports that Jayme John Leon, 50, reportedly threw a soda in a McDonald’s manager’s face and smashed a cash register over the dispute.

Leon walked into a local McDonald’s on September 23 and ordered a quarter pounder burger without onions. But when he returned home, Leon discovered the burger was in fact topped with onions.

When he called the restaurant to complain, Leon was told he was entitled not only to a refund but also to a free replacement burger.

Leon reportedly ate the offending burger anyway but still showed up at the McDonald’s demanding a refund and fresh burger.

“Since he ate the quarter pounder, McDonald’s would not refund his money, sending Mr. Leon into a McFury,” Sgt. Claudio Grandjean, Gresham Police spokesman, told the paper.

After tossing the drink and breaking the register, Leon then left the restaurant and headed back home.

He was intercepted by police and has been charged with first-degree criminal mischief, second-degree disorderly conduct, and harassment.