Don’t Argue Politics – Just Learn The Facts

We’ve remained unaffiliated politically this year, which is not to say that none of us here are not involved in politics personally. But for a public forum we decided to shove politics aside and not pass along any bias opinions about anything, or anyone.

But I have gotten together with several of the colleagues here and we all decided that one thing should be said publicly – if anything.


We all have dug deep into many of the speeches, promises, lies, facts and graphs and figures. We found both sides have their faults and both sides have lied about one thing or another – one less than other, by the way but I won’t tell you which. We watched all of the RNC and the DNC and the only thing we ever mentioned publicly is about Clint Eastwood‘s chair berating (but that was on Facebook and has since been deleted in order to remain unaffiliated).

Our office is pretty much half divided over who they feel should be president.


Go to the websites ( for Republicans and for you Democrats). See what both sides are saying about their party and what they are offering for America (or lack thereof). Or go to Ron Paul‘s website and see if he is a better alternative. But for the sake of our future, read and learn. Don’t go by all the idiots on Facebook shoving their ‘truths’ down your throats.


It’s a waste of your time. And try not to post anything negative about your opposing party. I think America has had enough of that, already.

After much intense investigation online to the many government websites and non-partisan postings and political and media people, I personally know who I feel will do the best job for the next four years ahead. And two of my colleagues have changed their political opinion just by viewing the political parties websites. It was their lack of information and future plans that changed their minds.

But please, for the sake of all that’s holy, please! Do not vote this year without knowing the facts. There are plenty of places to go online and plenty of blogs to read. Don’t get caught up in one sided views and don’t believe anyone who is telling you this candidate is lying and that one is a scumbag, and so on.


If you don’t, you may make a big mistake as this year’s elections are extremely important – quite possibly the most important we’ve had in generations. We have people needing the right president to get us moving in the right direction and we only want your education to make that right decision.

Here… do you need to see the speeches again (or for the first time)? Here is Obama’s DNC speech from CSPAN::

And here is Mitt Romney’s speech from CSPAN:

Good luck everyone and let’s make a change.