A News Story For These Serious and Trying Times Of Ours

Hello folks. We know things are hard these days and we really felt it important to bring you some news that might lighten the load a bit. You know, something to show some hope, or some faith in humanity (much in the way that Jersey Shore has been cancelled)

We know you are tired of hearing bad news all of the time – shootings, the deficit, the war and Romney’s sense of humor. So we decided to bring to you, the people, a story that really matters. It took us a while to find one but I think we nailed it. I think this is going to help lighten your mood, bring a smile to your face and maybe, God help us all, make you giggle a bit during these trying days of ours.


Britney Spears‘ Killer Bikini Body!

Britney Spears has taken to tweeting pictures of her bikini body recently, and there is a good reason why — the new “X Factor” judge has not looked this toned and fit since her boa constrictor-writhing “Slave 4 U” days. Spears shared her most recent self-portrait sporting a colorful green two-piece with a curious beachside accessory: glasses. “Having some fun in the sun… don’t want summer to be over!” she wrote.

Having some fun in the sun… don’t want summer to be over!twitter.com/britneyspears/…

— Britney Spears (@britneyspears) August 31, 2012