Maury, Jerry, Sally, Ricki, Tyra, Morton… A Pictorial Blast From The Past & Quick Commentary

Springer giving a speech at Emory University i...

Springer giving a speech at Emory University in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The popularity of Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, Tyra Banks, Maury Povich, Sally Jesse Rafael, etc., have waned over the years and been replaced by just-as-fake reality shows (we’re looking at you Operation Repo). Whereas Dog The Bounty Hunter and Bait Car seem to have a sense of legitimacy, TruTV has blasted us with scripted shows that both seem just as odd, or just as fake, as Jerry Springer taking on Nazi Lesbian Nuns (or something to that effect).

So much that many of the world’s powers have dictated how much American values have decreased in modern years. So much that some religious figures used those shows to effectively blame for 9/11. And then, in 2012, we have Snooki (who won’t eat lobsters because they are alive when you kill them to eat them, and she won’t tolerate that – God forbid).

Yes, America seemed to lower their entertainment value in recent years (decades) and have come to displaying little children in almost adult-like pageantries that almost give off an air of pornography. Yes, Jersey Shores gives the fine people of New Jersey a reason to cringe (even more than The Sopranos). And yes, MTV is no longer the music television icon it once was and traded their cult status for a series of controversial (and relatively horrible shows). But it seems like people cannot get enough of it and the more we complain and hate these shows, the more the media writes about them, the more curiositys are piqued, the more we end up boosting the ratings.

And because of it culture has gone from this:

To this:

And the men have gone from this:

To this:

And, of course, the women have gone from this:

To this:

Sure the times gotta change, and there’s nothing wrong with change. But did it have to be so extreme?

All right, here are a few screen captures of some of the past daytime TV talk shows that drove Phil Donahue right out of business. (CLICK TO OPEN PHOTO GALLERY)

by John Michaelson | The Eagle

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