Proof That The Media Is Only Out To Manipulate You Into Being Scared Of Everything

Here is a quite irrelevant story that is related to absolutely nothing. However, because a nutjob kills people in a theater, the AP wire found sufficient reason to post a story to do nothing more than to scare you. Twenty years ago, this story would have never been reported.

Man Accused of Threats at Calif. Batman Screening

NORWALK, Calif. (AP) — A man is accused of making criminal threats at a screening of the new Batman movie at a Southern California theater.

The Los Angeles county sheriff’s office said Monday that 52-year-old Clark Tabor was being held on $50,000 bail.

Deputies were called to the AMC Norwalk 20 cineplex around 5 p.m. Sunday after moviegoers complained of a man who started yelling when the showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” didn’t start. Witnesses say Tabor then shouted, “I should go off like in Colorado,” and, “Does anybody have a gun?”

A security guard saw Tabor with a backpack on his knees in the second row, and Tabor was arrested.

Deputies searched the bag, the theater and its surrounding area but did not find any weapon.