Korean Oreo Cookie Ad May Be Breast Cookie Ad Yet

[Note: See Kraft’s response in the update below.]

Man, advertising gets fun when it doesn’t have America’s puritanical discomfort with the human body dragging it down. This South Korean ad for Oreo cookies, credited to ad agency Cheil Worldwide, features an image that would send this country into apoplectic shock (breastfeeding and an exposed nipple!).

It also stars a surprisingly charismatic baby whose face suggests he totally knows what’s happening here and is OK with it. Not sure if the same thing can be said for Nabisco Korea—if this is indeed an approved ad—but that’s their problem.

UPDATE: A Kraft rep tells AdFreak: “Kraft Foods did not create this ad. It has never run in Korea or any other markets. This ad was created by our agency for a one-time use at an advertising forum. The ad was never intended for public distribution or use with consumers.”