TopFreedom… Freeing Women And Crippling Our Minds

I know, as a guy it seems either sexist of me, or immature, to support such a cause when, really, I’m not big on saving much in the way of anything else. But my wife passed this along to me and wanted me to blog about it. And at first, I admit, I declined due to the labeling I could receive, only based on my sex alone. But she was adamant about my support. So, after a few days of seeing the link up on my browser’s bookmarks, I decided to check it out and immediately I found open breasts. All over the place. Stories about breasts. Testimonies about breasts. And for a woman to ask you to look at them, read about them and then speak about them, it’s easy to find yourself both intrigued with the idea – and a bit excited.

At my age, 43, believe me breasts are awesome and beautiful, but after seeing and feeling breasts for more than half of my lifetime, I find them normal, typical of their existence, but still intriguing – and beautiful. Eventually my excitement calmed down, within a day or two, and I began feeling the plight of these women who have to struggle through the hottest of days wearing not only a shirt but a bra, as well. And men, until you have to wear a bra on a clear and humid 98 degree day, you have no place to tell women they need to be forced to wear these things.

Bras, for those humanly ignorant, are tight around the shoulders, the back and hold women’s breasts sometimes so tight the sweat begins to chap the skin and get squishy in there and deeply, and completely, uncomfortable. Not to mention a shirt over that and, voila, you’ve got the makings of a bad day.

And I wanted to use the ‘underwear’ analogy to give you an example of just how squishy and uncomfortable it can get in there. But unfortunately, more than men, women wear underwear, too. So, with all that in mind, I felt my wife’s cry for justice to allow women to go as TopFree as men are allowed. “They’re only breasts,” she says, “It’s not like I’m asking to expose full beaver. Jesus!” she claims.

My daughter once argued, after telling her what the big deal is with the boys in high school and their teasing her because of her breast size, “Don’t these guys know what a pain in the ass it is to even have these things?” I just raised my eyebrows, with my head down, as I continued on with my work that day. And with that attitude I realized that my youthful fascination with ‘tits’, as it were, had to take on a new position and my youth had to be stored somewhere else in the back of my mind.

Okay, so onward I write. Breasts are, yes, beautiful (I claim again) but truly are not anything more exciting than an elbow, because of how common they are, and the fact that I have two daughters and a wife who forced me to make it out as nothing more special than the hairstyle they wear on a daily basis. And now, after a few years since the girls have moved away and my wife and I are growing older into our 40′s, breasts have made a comeback in the Michaelson home. My wife was first and then the girls. Both of them, knowing they can count on me to support anything they feel important.

And here I sit now, posting a blog regarding breats, posting a photo that my wife picked out exclusively for this post. Growing slower in the ‘sex’ department with my wife, and taught many lessons about the average and everyday life of a woman through the two grow women known as my daughters and my wife of many, many years. And, in my position, you even cringe when you realize that even the cat is a girl.

So I write to you to please support women in their cause. Allow them to walk freely where men are allowed to walk with no shirt. Make the beaches ‘top choice’. A woman’s front lawn or in her car or wherever men freely bare their chests. Do it even if you’re just young enough to get an erection at the sight of ‘tits’. Do it for your wife who complains about that “Goddamned bra, again!” Do it for the daughters that count on you to be the mature and supportive father who doesn’t look at breasts as sexual, as it would encounter a problem in your relationship with her.

I can’t think of celebrating women any better of a way – because the flowers I bought my wife are already dead. The ‘happy heart’ balloon has deflated and the teddy bear has been stolen during a visit from one of the girls, who came to also steal our electricity and water to do her laundry.

Do it to prove to yourself that women are people, too. They are humans who didn’t ask to suffer like they do.

Do it for the women who are believing they are jokes in their fight when men oogle at their bare chests as they are trying to make a statement they believe in.

Do it to become mature in your attitude toward women.

by John Michaelson