John Mellencamp Inducted Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

I was always a fan of John Mellencamp (‘Cougar’ back in the day) since I was 11 years old in 1979 when I first heard “I Need A Lover” on Q105 in Tampa Bay. Well, maybe not a fan, per se, but I liked the song and had heard other tracks from the initial album, John Cougar.

As time rolled on I became more and more of a fan to the point of eventually moving to Bloomington, Indiana to become a part of the whole ‘Mellencamp thing’. I bought every record from Uh-Huh (1983) to Cutting Heads (2001) usually around the first day to week they were released. And I’d listen to every track and repeat tracks I liked all those years. And alot of my life coincided with his life as he grew older I did to and his songs reflected those times. I was a true fan!

And his deep-rooted political views were something easy for me to follow because they were never too far out of my reach from Farm-Aid to the plight of the common American. I learned alot about life and the people around me and appreciated every waking moment of that.

But then something happened in the 2000′s that eventually began to wear down the affection for the man who wrote the soundtrack to my life. He began speaking publicly about political affairs and I found myself not liking his views if only for the radicalise of his ways. He became a big-mouthed Natalie Maines or Sheryl Crow and the more he spoke the dumber I found him to be. Even so much recently Adam Carolla spoke of how dumb he saw John Mellencamp and I laughed. It might’ve been easily offensive some eight to ten years ago, but now, I agreed. And now I’m blogging it.

I’ve fallen so much out of touch with Mellencamp that I hadn’t really noticed the newest hits package released in October of 2007 (even though I illegally downloaded his Freedom’s Road album). I then was shocked to learn today that he was going to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For which a small bit of me is proud of him to finally be recognized for his talents much in the way that I’ve seen it. And I so much wanted to blog that point alone so much that I entitled it “John Mellencamp Inducted Into Rock and Roll of Fame”. But as began putting finger to keyboard I realized over all that I could care less about him being inducted. He’s been such a disappointment personally that his music is wearing itself thin with me.

I enjoyed the last album more than any album since Human Wheels in 1991. And my own recordings are slewn with older Mellencamp sessions. Even my newest CD has THREE Mellencamp songs. I guess his music is still exciting to me but his political speeches are disappointing to the point that the less he speaks, the better his music is.

And that whole going out to spread the message thing is the very thing I am so fucking against. I hate protesters and political movers. These people never seem to get their point across right and nothing ever gets done. John is reminding me more and more of PETA or the Vietnam movement. He’s so anti-War and anti-Bush that it sickens me to death – despite me being a non-follower of Bush. And believe me, I hate the war as much as the next man, but for fuck’s sake I’m not going out ot shove my political view down your throat. You either come to my blog, read it and tell me to fuck off or read it and go about your business. But I’ll be God-damned if I’m going out to “SPREAD THE WORD!” like some Jesus freak giving out the gospel.

Well I’m mostly thankful that the Rock and roll Hall of Fame is solely based on your musical merits and not political.