Vanessa Hudgens Nude?


So for all of you fans out there that salivated over the photos, here is the last time. I hope this serves you well.

And there it is…the nude photo of Disney movie star, Vanessa Hudgens. Her appearence in High School Musical is claiming the homes and hearts of millions of children loving every minute of the show and Disney has a hit on their hands – again!

But with the internet and sloppy propaganda hustlers, a new controversay arises – kind of. The poor little Vanessa apologizes to the media for the leaking of the photos and Disney says, “Okay, let’s go back to work.”


Wait a minute. Doesn’t that constitute a federal investigation as executives scurry around for a new actor to replace the horrid young Vanessa? Well, if you remember correctly, there is this matter of former female stars popping out (literally) with nude photos and the ruining of careers – does the name Vanessa Williams ring a bell?)

No, not in this days society. We are so prone to nude photos of anybody and anything that the leaking of such said photos for a young and brilliant Disney star should not alter the likings of one’s career.

Nevermind the possibilty of any young child Googling Vanessa’s name and the slipped-through photo appears on their result screen. But Disney doesn’t see any threat or harm of such photos and it makes you wonder if Janet Jackson and Vanessa Williams (not to mention all the female cops, firefighters, beauty pagent winners, teachers, doctors and so on) should get a reprive.

America seems to have a lacksidasical approach to nudity – as it should and it’s about damned time – as Europe gives hand to the lesson that “the less of a deal you make over it, the less of a deal it will be” gives me the confidence that America is beginning to relax a bit and quit opting for the heads of sinners in what used to be a more radical Christan fundamentalist society. And you have to admit, the photo had to have raised (pardon the pun) Vanessa’s popularity among the young male audience. I know if I was 13 and a fan of the show with the honor and privilage of getting to view Ms. Hudgens’ most private facility, I’d be the next in line for her next flick.

Michael Eisner must be rolling over in his jacuzzi right now!

AS A SIDENOTE: Disney has always had this ‘thing’ about their female stars and their sweaters. Take a look at the history of Disney Mouseketeer alumni: Britney SpearsLindsay LohanHilary DuffChristina Aguilera,Keri RussellLisa WhelchelMolly RingwaldKim RichardsHayley Mills and Annette Funicello (the ladder being the most awesome of the bunch with a fuller sweater than the rest – as I saw it as a kid in the 70′s with constant black & white re-runs).