Britney Spears Cootie


After all these years, I’ve followed the music of the new generation, from Eminem to Saliva to Britney Spears and I’ve got to tell you, I’m not a fan of much of today’s big new names – although Kid Rock is all right and I do very much love Linkin Park.

But when the new wave of teenyboppin’ idols hit the stage in the forms of Briitney Spears, Christina Aguilara and Mandy Moore, I had to agree that Britney was the best of the list but in the over all perspective of things, she was no Madonna (generation gap showing) and quite frankly not who I wanted to see as my next buying future of CD sales.

But something happened awhile back and it was actually very impressive. She did the whole child-birth thing and then the Kevin Federline thing. She did the rehab thing and shaving her head thing. All of that together made it very interesting to watch her and actually begin following her career more closely, topping even the most impressive performer of our time, Janet Jackson (nipples aside).

But now, Ms. Spears tops the top of the list of who is the single-handed greatest public figure – without trying remotely to mention Paris Hilton who is a slice of sewer heaven. With the 2007 MTV VMA Awards performance with Ms. Brit slack-assing her way through the seemingly high profiled choreographed number, “Gimme More” with a tiny pot-belly and minutely wrapped in a sequined bra and panty set that most teenage girls only dream of owning, I find Britney Spears to be this generation’s greatest performer to hit the airwaves.

Madonna once spoke of how to maintain a high-profiled career – you know, make them wanting more and always make a big presence so they never forget you. Well, Britney quite possibly took the advice and now I’m strictly in love with Ms. Britney Spears – the world’s most predominant slack-assed, lip-syncing, head-shaving, hit-making, rehab drop out this side of the music scene, slowly about to out-do the likes of Michael Jackson.

I love ya Britney and now I can see why some people across the globe hate America.