Gary Glitter Pleads “Michael Jackson”

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I can’t even begin to tell you where my mind is on this one. Here we have Gary Glitter, a washed-up and talentless child molesting punk who just admits to the press that he sleeps with children but doesn’t “abuse” them. We, as a people, no longer have to play the race card. We can just play the Michael Jackson card. We plead to the people and the press that “I did nothing wrong by sleeping with children in my bed.”

Here’s Gary’s problem, though – he is a known child pornographer possessor (like the way I worded that one?) Michael Jackson was not.

So, if Gary is really innocent he really is not because the child pornography on his computer is plenty to indict. Kind of like O.J’s evidence was stacked against him and because of the facts we all seriously believe he was guilty.

See the difference?



See how that works?

Oh, and that’s another point I need to express to you, which was once expressed on the air back in the good old days – Michael Jackson did not EVER possess any child pornography in the miles of evidence they found. Nowhere, anywhere, anyplace did anyone find child pornography in his possession. That is an important point in Michael’s defense. And is more important now that Gary Glitter is working on a defense for his case, or sickness, whichever suits you best.

But here’s a few other points I feel are important in the indictment of Gary Glitter;

a.) He was indisputedly found with child pornography on his computer and was appropriately charged and even served time.

b.) His only final word is to the press after his release was, “I just want to leave this behind me and move on with my life.” Which, to me, is to say, “Yes! I did it and I paid the price, served my time and now you can leave me alone!”

c.) He moves from his longtime home in the UK to live in, of all places, Vietnam. I was only guessing he did that so he could molest children, in what he thought, was legal there. I think he actually meant to go to Bangkok.

d.) AND, if that wasn’t enough, he openly admitted to ‘sleeping’ with a 12 year old girl in his bed.

Look, you are not a baseball player all because you just like to watch it on TV. The facts are the facts and in Gary Glitter’s case, they are indisputable and I can greatly appreciate the fact that death is the requirement for such a crime. I just hope it’ll be in the public forum and sold to On Demand.