No Wonder Some Of The World Hates America!

No Wonder The World Hates Americans – we protest everything. Outside a Wal-Mart in some small town in the middle of America, one woman is protesting the Salvation Army Santa ringing his yearly bell.

I just read that article and was dizzy. I just had to immediately ask myelf, “Who the hell is watching over these people?” It appears that the insane asylum is letting out crazy people just a little too early this year. And it scares me to shit.

See, to me as a kid growing up in the 70′s and 80′s I was led to believe in the spirit of Christmas. Not so much Jesus or anything really religious, even though I heard all the stories and I knew what Christmas really was all about – but really all we cared about was the bad TV specials, eggnog, presents, fruit cakes (the horrible edible kind), gingerbread houses, decorations, estranged relatives with bad oral habits and the need to give to others. To me it was about my grandparents house and all the food you could handle. All the love in the world was right there in that little house in Pinellas County, Florida.

And now, my Christmas season is better off with me sticking my finger in a light socket. And to this I’ve gotta say, no wonder the world hates us so much. We’re now all about bitching about one of the dumbest oxymorans to date –POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

I still give til I am just about bankrupt. And I eat more food than my fat ass can handle. But I enjoy myself, my family, my friends and the love we spread around this house on the holiday seasons. We say “MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Seriously, folks! C’mon! lighten up on this, will ya? Most kids care about those things I mentioned. The gifts, the food, the family, the love, the wonder, the questions, the sights, the spirit and everything else connected to Christmas. Give them that much at least and quite your political correct bitching over nothing! If you don’t like Christmas, well go live in Iraq or Iran, or wherever the hell they don’t celebrate. Otherwise, just take the holiday for what it’s worth. But no matter what you do, just sit back and enjoy it.

See, and I thought the suicides around this time was from lonliness and depression. NO! It’s about ending the misery that assholes give us when they have an opinion and need to express it. You tend to want to poke your own eardrums out with a stick just to keep from hearing their shit!

Good night Santa, wherever you are!